Love! @xtian_bueno with his copy of issue 19 ๐Ÿ‘Œ

So excited to announce my feature in Issue #20: Summer Nights & City Lights, Giuseppina Magazine!!!! Shot by the fabulous Photos By Semaj on the streets of San Fran!!! So excited for my first publication that is not pinup, pinup will forever be my favorite style to shoot but branching out in to the more alternative modeling has been an absolute blast!!! Def will be looking to shoot more of this style in the future  Photo feature shot by Photos By SEMAJ Hair Susan Mead  MUA & Model Kat Stroud  Modified Torrid dress
@swankorama’s latest editorial for #giuseppinamagazine, Issue 20 is out now!! Grab it on magcloud
Let’s make our august issue major! Theme: ACCEPTANCE. Dedicated to the individual this issue will represent our tag line “beautiful & diverse” submit by August 3rd to
#Repost from model @mercedesashley15, we love it!! #giuseppinamagazine
#Repost from @ramonarecluse 


Yay! My magazine came in today :) #giuseppina #christadicksonphotography #karsynkhaos #ramonarecluse #modeling #samelove #magazine #giuseppinamagazine
Repost from @makeupbynatalied with her copy of #giuseppinamagazine!!

Got my copy of my publication in @giuseppinamagazine !! And freaking out. Major makeup accomplishment for me! Makeup by me ๐Ÿ’„ on @murdernurse photographed by @swankorama #makeupbynatalied
Backstage wardrobe construction in progress for Wisteria coming soon to issue 19! @anna_snowdrops @andreagottardiphotography Daniela Grava, Annalisa Bonato, Fabio Tabacchi #giuseppinamagazine
Behind the scenes @graffitima @jenniferbelie @jennellepwns for issue 19! #giuseppinamagazine
BTS Issue 19 from team @yellbub @interrobangbang @spoiledcherry #giuseppinamagazine
BTS Issue 19 from team @makeupbynatalied @murdernurse @swankorama #giuseppinamagazine
Issue 19 Nature launching soon! Cover: Scott Watson, Model: Tiana Lee, Muah & Art Direction: Nomi Nguyen #giuseppinamagazine
Issue 19 Nature launching soon! Cover: Jiamin Zhu, Model: Tiffany Sarn, Muah: Paula Yahn, Styling: Jiamin, Paula & Tiffany #giuseppinamagazine
Issue 19 Nature launching soon! Cover: Philip Faith, Model: Mathy Paquette, Mua: Marika D’Auteuil, Hair: Malina Tang, Dress: Aeternis ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ#giuseppinamagazine
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